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Vision Therapy

Dr. Caughell is one of only a few fellowship trained eye doctors in pediatrics, binocular vision, and vision therapy in the state. These problems are very common and can significantly affect you or your child's life.

It makes sense that many parents and adults are skeptical about how much vision therapy can help their children. There are a lot of good scientific and clinical studies that prove the effectiveness of vision therapy and orthoptics.

Binocular (using the 2 eyes together) vision problems are very common. Studies suggest that over 1 in 20 children have a significant focusing or eye muscle problem that can greatly affect their ability to focus and learn, let alone cause headaches. It is also important to understand that reading an eye chart will not find these problems.

The fact that so many children and adults needlessly struggle with these conditions is a main reason that Dr. Caughell is so passionate about educating others about them.

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